A job as a nursing assistant can be an extremely worthwhile career if you have the patience for it. The demand for working certified nursing assistants is expected to increase until 2014. You can bet that there will still be plenty of jobs left by then since the turnover for this kind of job is extremely fast. The increase in the aging population throughout the years has allowed for better healthcare jobs including certified nursing assistants.

You may find that most certified nursing assistants work under the supervision of a registered or licensed practical nurse. In the day’s gone buy, nurses were the ones who took care of every tiny detail in the hospital. This work resulted in fragmented and oftentimes incomplete care to the patients that needed attention. The rise of nursing assistants gave nurses more room to breathe and concentrate on other matters that needed attention.

Certified nursing assistants assist clients who need help in performing their activities of daily living. It is their job to bathe, feed and sometimes help the client with his toileting activities. In the hospital, the certified nursing assistant is allowed to perform vital signs on all the patients and report any changes to the registered nurses. They are also called upon to transport the patient from one hospital to another or perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a client.

There are a lot of openings for certified nursing assistants in areas other than hospitals. They can also find work in nursing homes, healthcare facilities and doctor’s clinics. A nursing assistant’s job is extremely important. They need physical as well as emotional strength and endurance in order to provide proper care to their clients. Nursing assistants provide companionship for the client as well as basic care so the job that they do is not easy. The salary for nursing assistants is above average. Entry level certified nursing assistants earn about $25,000 yearly and this includes benefits. Those who have a lot of experience years under their belt earn well above $35,000 per year.

A high school diploma or equivalent is all you need in order to apply for a nursing assistant training program. You can enroll online or go to a vocational school in order to become a nursing assistant. Many enroll at the Red Cross in order to get CNA certification, because the Red Cross is extremely well known in offering quality education programs.

During the training, you will learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, and how to use medical equipments found in the hospital. A registered nurse or someone with the equivalent healthcare status will teach you all about body mechanics so you will be able to optimize the muscles in your body in ways you probably never even thought of.  Once the training is over, you will be asked to take a two part exam on what you have learned in school. The first part is the written exam which only needs a good memory. The second part involves clinical application of everything you learned. For the second part, you must actively use your critical thinking abilities in order to succeed. Once you pass, you are finally qualified to obtain CNA certification and are ready to work for any employer.