Electrocardiograph technicians or ECG/EKG technicians are persons who operate the machine that records and measures the hearts activity. The measurements made are utilized by physicians or cardiologists in assisting them in finding out and treating a cardiac or vascular problem. The electrocardiograph technician does the procedure by first placing electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms, and legs. The electrodes will them measure the electrical impulse produce by the heart to create a printout that can be used by the physician. This test is done as a routine examination before surgeries or those who have cardiovascular problems. Electrocardiograph technicians must know how to identify emergency situations and helps the physician in responding during this situation. It is also a part of the electrocardiograph technician’s job to schedule appointments and monitor heart rate of the patients. They also check the equipments used of it need to be refilled with paper and ink. They need to check every machine if it works well and has no malfunctions. Performing assessments on patients with various conditions considering their physical needs is part of the electrocardiograph technician’s job. They also need to collaborate to other members of the health care team to provide the best quality care for the patient’s. ECG technicians should have knowledge on the different cardiac tests. They need also to have a good communication skill that is needed in dealing with different patients. ECG technicians work under the supervision of a cardiologist and can lend a hand to those ECG technicians with less experience. These technicians work in hospitals, cardiac centers or clinics. They work 40 hours a week for 5 days.
What are the preparations needed in becoming an ECG technician? Students planning to become an ECG technician should have a high school diploma. A high school education is needed because preparatory subjects like biology, English, anatomy, physiology and a lot more are being taught in high school. It is also important for a person to choose an accredited school that offers an ECG technician education. Before enrolling, a high school diploma is required. The program comprises of both theoretical and on-job trainings that is under the supervision of an experienced EKG technician for 6 months. The schools offer programs that can let a person earn an associate degree and certification. After graduating in an ECG technician school, it depends on the individual’s choice if he or she wants to have a licensure or certification exam. This can be earned by credentialing. Credentialing is available in a Cardiovascular Credentialing Agency. They will give an exam and if one passes the exam then he or she can get the license. For those with certifications, it is recommended that they need to have a continuing education to maintain it.

ECG Technician has a salary range of $23,000 to $31,000. The salary also depends on various factors.  These include the educational qualification, working experience, extent of the job and the location of the institution. ECG technicians with a certification are in demand and can earn more since they have the best quality of education and have undergone credentialing. Those with a working experience of less than a year can earn $9 to $15.