A lot of people have been looking forward in having a long and rewarding career in the healthcare field as there are so many job opportunities available and no shortage of people who needs these medical facilities. Opportunities for the MRI technicians nowadays are popping up as any physicians and patients prefer the MRI machine as a way of diagnosing a disease. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine uses magnets and radiowaves in producing images of different organs found in the body. This machine appears as a cylindrical tube with a bed where patients are pushed in and out. When the patient is inside, the magnets found in the machine work so that whatever structures the radiologist needs to see can be found in the computer screen.

MRI technicians are professionals that operate the MRI machine. There has always been a need for highly competent technicians in the health care industry. As healthcare is the apparent choice for people looking for a job security, not everybody desires to work during the strange hours of the night that some healthcare opportunity have need of. MRI technicians enjoy the benefits of working during office hours with the occasional emergency on call.

MRI technicians should also know how to deal with their patients. Before the procedure, a lot of these patients have been briefed by their doctors about the MRI process but once they are inside the room, some may feel anxious and begins to panic. The MRI technologist needs to be vigilant and cautious in answering these questions and must use simple terms so the patient is able to understand. Many patients also suffer from claustrophobia or have fear of confined spaces. The MRI technician can help by offering to provide music during the procedure or earplugs. They can also talk to the patient during the procedure so the patient doesn’t feel abandoned.

Trainings for this career are offered by MRI technician schools. The MRI program may be an Associate degree or a certificate. The program will provide didactic training that includes patient care and lectures on certain topics on physics, anatomy and physiology. Students are also assigned in hospitals in order to complete the clinical training. Clinical training also includes working with the patients and learning how to operate MRI machines.  Students ought to make a resume and begin applying for jobs three months preceding graduation. Hospitals comprise job postings on their web sites and some hospitals use a traveling MRI service that is a huge opportunity for new technicians. Many traveling technician agencies are always looking for technicians and are more than likely to contact any technicians who post their resumes with online job banks. A person can either choose to go for a Bachelor’s degree, Associate degree or a certification. It takes two years to finish an associate degree and four years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Many decide on obtaining a bachelors degree as the salary and the bonuses can be higher. Generally, MRI technician salary brings in a yearly salary that is close to $50,000 dollars a year. When looking for a school, make sure that your school is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology so you are valid for obtaining your certification and licensure as an MRI technician.