Choosing the right career requires scrutiny and thorough research. It’s not good to end up in a career which you don’t possess the enthusiasm to finish it. One should study in a field where he loves and enjoy the job. If you have the passion to pursue a career in animal welfare then you love nursing and taking care of animals. One good career in this field is veterinary technician. Animals also need the love, care and attention. Veterinarians need the assistance of veterinary technicians to perform task for the welfare of the animal patient. This is not an easy feat because taking care of animals requires the proper knowledge and skills.

Hopeful veterinary technicians need to acquire the necessary skills needed for the job by enrolling in quality veterinary technician schools. They offer training programs that could last two to four years depending on the level of education that you wanted to acquire. A two year vocational course would entitle you to a Veterinary technician degree. Veterinary technician schools provide students with the knowledge in clinical and laboratory task. Others may offer internship which equipped the students with practical knowledge on the job. The basic requirement to enroll in a veterinary technician school is a high school diploma. Choosing the right school would be essential. Schools must be accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. It’s difficult to get hired if you graduated in a non accredited school.

Medical subjects such as pharmacology, surgery and dentistry are also taught in veterinary technician schools. A good background in the field of medicine could provide great advantage. After acquiring the knowledge and skills, technicians should pass a certification exam in order to be a certified veterinary technician. This would increase your chances of getting hired since most company prefers a certified worker.

This career path offers a good pay. Veterinary technician salary could reach up to $35,000 annually. Improving your skills through training could give you a better chance of earning bigger paychecks. If you have an advance skill then you have a bigger chance of getting hired in federal research facilities which offers an annual salary of up to $41,000. It all depends on your education and interest to gain more knowledge in this field.  The more skilled you are, the more money you could earn. This job presents a lot of opportunity for growth and improvement. You just need the enthusiasm to care for animals.

Enumerated below are the most common tasks that a veterinary technician performs:

Assist veterinarian’s in nursing animals
Handle records of patient case histories.
Prepare lab equipments and tools needed for patient surgery.
Assist veterinarians in performing surgery.
Collecting specimens for laboratory analysis
Develop and expose x-rays.
Supervise and train other veterinary personnel’s
Educate pet owners with basic knowledge on how to care for animals.
In research facilities, technicians assist in the care and handling or research animals.
Assist and provide inputs for research projects.
Assist in analyzing collected specimen.