Radiologic technology is one of healthcare’s progressive areas world wide today. And being an x-ray technician or technologist is the new buzz in the career industry. Schools are offering a high supply of training programs that are either focused on x-ray tech programs or x-ray tech options within other health care fields. Job hiring for x-ray technicians or technologists are rampant all around the globe. It is indeed one of the fastest growing branches of the medical world.

So how does one become a world class x-ray technician? The training for x-ray technologists is career-focused that’s why students are given hands-on experiences to enhance their skills and prepare them for employment as x-ray technologists in hospitals, physicians’ offices and other patient care facilities. Other than their on-the-job training, x-ray technicians or technologists undergo a formal training at x-ray tech schools and career colleges that lasts for a year or two.

X-ray technology is broadly-focused on medical knowledge, terminology, equipment use, patient care, radiology and many other topics. Some of the course subjects taken by x-ray tech students are Anatomy, Physiology, Patient care, Radiation physics, Medical terminology, Medical ethics, Radio biology and Pathology. After finishing the course, graduates are encouraged to pursue further regular training or an additional training in a specialized area of radiology. They are also required to pass an exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to be certified as an x-ray technician or technologist.

What does an x-ray technician or technologist do? They work hand-in-hand with patients and carefully explains the procedure of getting an x-ray. It is important to get the x-ray right so they determine the best angles and jewelries and garments that may obscure the x-ray should be removed. They use the camera and imaging system to produce photographs of the patient’s bone and tissue structure. Thus, x-ray technicians are concerned both with the patient’s safety and the proper use of the equipment. X-ray technicians and technologists protect themselves from radiation by wearing lead-lined clothing, such as apron and gloves and other shielding devices.

How much does an x-ray technician or technologist earn for a living? It is very intriguing to know how much an x ray technician salary is since it is one of the most sought-after jobs today. Here are some figures that might encourage every one of us to take this career path as well. Certified and trained technologists earn around $57,900 annually, as per US Labor Bureau. And some of the top median annual x-ray tech earnings by facility are as follows: Medical/diagnostic laboratories – $54,300, General medical/surgical hospitals – $51,730, Outpatient care centers – $48,730 and Offices of Physicians – $48,450.