Choosing a career that you want to pursue is just a small step in accomplishing a large goal. After a career has been chosen, it is then time to choose a school in which you will be pursuing the education and skills needed to land a job in the real world. I’ll be talking a little bit about Kaplan College in this article, because I feel it is well-rounded and offers a wide variety of choices in technical careers.

Kaplan College is located in California, but has 12 different locations to which you could enroll. From cities like Bakersfield, Chula Vista, Fresno, North County, North Hollywood, Palm Springs, Panorama City, Sacramento, San Diego and Stockton. Kaplan College is a global business that has over 30,000 employees that not only offers to teach careers in the classroom but employs skilled technicians as well.

What are some of the different career areas and opportunities that Kaplan College offers its students? Kaplan College offers well over 20 different career minded college courses whether you choose to attend one of their many campuses or enroll and one of the online programs. Kaplan College feels like they use technology to rewrite the rules of education and have created breaking programs that can analyze how you this student learn the fastest and the best, allowing them to teach you better. They offer bachelors, associates, Masters and professional degrees as well as certificate programs. Kaplan College offers flexible programs and schedules, they feel strongly in giving their students personal attention and providing a quicker path to a degree. In college also feels that they are the perfect choice for the working man or working adults as well as first-time college students.

Kaplan College helps to prepare students for employment fields such as:

Kaplan College also offers continuing education courses that are self-paced online certificate programs that will provide a highly educated learning experience and advancement opportunities that are flexible enough to not interfere with your professional and personal life. In most cases these self-paced programs for continuing education can be completed in less than one year, allowing you to graduate with a certificate.

Kaplan College is well known for its health courses amongst many others. What are some of the health courses that Kaplan offers? To start with some of the courses they offer are, dental assistant, diagnostic macular sonography, cardiac sonography medical sonography and ultrasound, medical assistant, medical billing and coding, nursing and nursing assistant, patient care assistance, pharmacy technician, radiology technician as well as therapeutic health technician and x-ray technician courses.

Kaplan University knows that it takes real world knowledge and skills to land a job in today’s competitive job market. Because of this, they know that their programs will offer you the best opportunity to prepare yourself to compete in this competitive job market. So if you are looking for a degree in business, healthcare, criminal justice, health sciences, technology or legal studies you should consider Kaplan College especially if you live anywhere close to California. When University is one of the better nursing schools, radiology schools and x-ray technician schools in the state and is accredited which is very important. Remember that choosing the right academic program can have a huge impact on your future so whether you are looking to attend a college program firsthand or are looking for an online program, keep in mind that you can excel in any given career area with Kaplan College.

As today’s population continues to grow and people starts to live longer, the health care system depends on the qualified medical personnel in providing basic patient care and services while keeping the cost at its minimum. A lot of the functions that are done by doctors before are now being performed by highly trained persons like respiratory therapists to make sure that the patients are having the best quality of care at a more affordable cost.

Respiratory therapist or also called as respiratory care practitioners, do their jobs by evaluating, treating and caring for patients. As part of the healthcare team, respiratory therapists have the primary responsibility in all respiratory care treatments. They also work with the physicians and other health care team in making a treatment plan for the patient. Respiratory therapists deal with all types of patients from infants to the elderly people with respiratory who had stroke of heart attack. Respiratory therapists also examine the patient physically and perform such tests. They determine the levels of oxygen in the blood and also measure the patient’s pH to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the blood. They also measure the patient’s lung capacity by letting them breathe into the instrument. This test will determine if the patient has lung problems. To examine the blood pH levels, the respiratory therapists will draw blood and place it in a blood gas machine analyzer. The results of this test will be given to the physician for further evaluation. In treating respiratory diseases, the therapists either provide oxygen to patients experiencing difficulty of breathing. Respiratory therapists also perform chest physiotherapies on patients to loosen mucus from their lungs. They also provide equipments to provide artificial oxygenation to those who cannot breathe alone. Respiratory therapist work in hospitals for 40 hours a week and some work during the evening or weekends.

Being a respiratory therapist, a person needs to have a respiratory therapists education. Having an education is the first step in reaching a person’s dream of becoming a respiratory therapist. There are a lot of respiratory therapist schools out there offering this education. One must choose an accredited university, college or vocational school. These schools offer both an associate and baccalaureate degree. If one is looking for a job, employers usually look for those with an associate degree. Having a certificate takes two years to complete. Schools offer subjects like science, anatomy and physiology in order to understand how the body functions especially the respiratory system. They also include subjects on how to use the equipments and how to do the procedure. Students are also exposed in the clinical area to have their internships for them to gain more experiences.

Respiratory therapist salary varies on the location and setting. Specializations also play a big part in determining how much a person will earn. For an hour, respiratory therapist may earn from $25-$32 per hour. Yearly, they will earn for $50,000. The lowest earning will be $36,000 a year and the highest is $66,000.

A lot of people have been looking forward in having a long and rewarding career in the healthcare field as there are so many job opportunities available and no shortage of people who needs these medical facilities. Opportunities for the MRI technicians nowadays are popping up as any physicians and patients prefer the MRI machine as a way of diagnosing a disease. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine uses magnets and radiowaves in producing images of different organs found in the body. This machine appears as a cylindrical tube with a bed where patients are pushed in and out. When the patient is inside, the magnets found in the machine work so that whatever structures the radiologist needs to see can be found in the computer screen.

MRI technicians are professionals that operate the MRI machine. There has always been a need for highly competent technicians in the health care industry. As healthcare is the apparent choice for people looking for a job security, not everybody desires to work during the strange hours of the night that some healthcare opportunity have need of. MRI technicians enjoy the benefits of working during office hours with the occasional emergency on call.

MRI technicians should also know how to deal with their patients. Before the procedure, a lot of these patients have been briefed by their doctors about the MRI process but once they are inside the room, some may feel anxious and begins to panic. The MRI technologist needs to be vigilant and cautious in answering these questions and must use simple terms so the patient is able to understand. Many patients also suffer from claustrophobia or have fear of confined spaces. The MRI technician can help by offering to provide music during the procedure or earplugs. They can also talk to the patient during the procedure so the patient doesn’t feel abandoned.

Trainings for this career are offered by MRI technician schools. The MRI program may be an Associate degree or a certificate. The program will provide didactic training that includes patient care and lectures on certain topics on physics, anatomy and physiology. Students are also assigned in hospitals in order to complete the clinical training. Clinical training also includes working with the patients and learning how to operate MRI machines.  Students ought to make a resume and begin applying for jobs three months preceding graduation. Hospitals comprise job postings on their web sites and some hospitals use a traveling MRI service that is a huge opportunity for new technicians. Many traveling technician agencies are always looking for technicians and are more than likely to contact any technicians who post their resumes with online job banks. A person can either choose to go for a Bachelor’s degree, Associate degree or a certification. It takes two years to finish an associate degree and four years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Many decide on obtaining a bachelors degree as the salary and the bonuses can be higher. Generally, MRI technician salary brings in a yearly salary that is close to $50,000 dollars a year. When looking for a school, make sure that your school is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology so you are valid for obtaining your certification and licensure as an MRI technician.

With recession looming over our heads, we need to make some seriously wise career choices for the tough times ahead. Many would be pleased to know that in the field of healthcare, the jobs might be challenging, but the need for competent healthcare workers is endless, and the job openings still need to be filled.

X-ray technicians are the people we see in the laboratories who operate the x-ray machines. They wear lead aprons to protect themselves from the constant exposure to radiation. X-rays are used by doctors to diagnose patients with ailments, or look for anomalies in seemingly normal patients. With the use of an x-ray machine, doctors are able to see the bones and tissues of their patients, and verify whether the organs are normal or not. The x-ray machine is a powerful diagnostic tool, but it is also a machine that carries risks during use. Without proper protective equipment, x-ray technicians put themselves at great risk for cell injury, death and possible mutation. For this reason, pregnant women are not allowed to take x-ray exams unless the benefits truly outweigh the negative impact. Thankfully, pregnant clients have other diagnostic methods available to them. Female x-ray technicians however, should be careful when exposing themselves to radiation especially if they are expecting to be or are currently pregnant.

Life as an x-ray technician can be a fulfilling career. You never run out of personal growth as you will be charged to face patients on a daily bsis. Interpersonal interaction in this career is very high and x-ray technicians find themselves constantly challenged with making themselves well known to their patients. They are excellent communicators as they are the people who prepare their patients for the proper positions during the exam.

There is a high level of technicality involved in an x-ray technician’s career. They must not only know how to operate the x-ray machine, they must learn how to troubleshoot problems related to machine malfunction. Once the x-ray films are ready, they are able to interpret the basic test results, but the final say goes to the radiographer.

Enrolling in an x-ray technician program may take you years to finish, depending on the level of educational attainment you want. Some vocational schools offer one year programs where students get to learn the basics. The result of this program is usually a certificate. A 2 year program takes 2 years to accomplish and students are left with an associate’s degree. Four years in an educational program holds a lot of promises. You will earn your bachelor’s degree, have the possibility of sitting in administrative position someday, and be able to have a comfortable salary of more than $60,000 annually.

The basic educational requirement of x-ray technician schools is a high school diploma or equivalent. Students need to stock up on science and mathematics subjects as their course will be riddled with these types of subjects. During their education, they will be taught about the principles of radiology, anatomy and physiology, as well as learning how to operate the machinery involved.

In these modern times, self indulgence is more common. People have begun to realize that they need a bit of pampering every now and then. This awareness has led to the proliferation of salons, spas and healthcare centers everywhere with massage therapists as the center of attraction for those tired and weary souls. Massage therapists are experts in soothing the tired and weary muscles of their customers. With their “magic fingers’, they can find the areas that need treatment and melt the stress away.

Massage therapists are also known as masseurs or masseuses. They can be self-employed or work for health clubs, spas, or private owned businesses. They use lubricants, oil or sometimes alcohol on the patient’s body and kneed, rub and sometimes make cartilages pop in order to induce a therapeutic effect. Many massage therapists prefer using their hands, but some therapists work together with a mechanical vibrating equipment to enhance the beneficial effects. Other therapists are known by using various equipments or paraphernalia during the massage. These can include stones, water, and even candles, depending on their specialty and training.

Massage therapists don’t always have to work for providing relaxation; they can work with physicians and perform treatments on patients. Therapists can instruct their patients on how to loose weight and teach clients on how to use their muscles optimally in order to have better toned muscles. They are extremely good in pinpointing the condition of the soft tissue, and joint quality of their clients, if they find anything unusual, they can refer their clients for treatments and have contacts and references available upon request.

A massage therapist can be his own employer, but his salary may depend entirely on his skill as a therapist. The pay for unemployed therapists can vary depending on the level of expertise and the number of clients the therapists has. If he can find 2 or 3 return customers a week, he can manage to stay afloat on his own through referrals. Many massage therapists can find work by posting themselves online for private sessions as well. If a massage therapist can manage to work at a swanky spa or hotel, he can earn around $15 per hour plus tips. The highest paid therapist earns about $32 per hour.

In order to become a massage therapy program, you need to find schools that offer formal training. The training usually lasts for 6 months to 1 year. Students need a high school diploma or equivalent in order to earn a good education in the massage therapy program. They are taught basic anatomy and physiology, hygiene and health and basic ethics. Many states require massage therapists to graduate from an accredited school or training program. In order to be licensed, the new graduates need to pass one of the two recognized tests given nationally. Either students pass the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination. Each state has a different set of requirements to choose from in order to apply for examination, so be sure to look into those requirements first.

A private investigator is someone you hire when you want some work done discreetly.  They are masters of keeping and finding secrets, and blending in to the blur of the crowd so nobody notices them. For them, investigating is a way of life rather than a job. They can solve problems that can be as mundane as domestic problems or as exciting as finding a missing person. To perform an investigation, they use very refined techniques and tools in their arsenal. Private investigators don’t always work in an office. Their workplace can be anywhere their employer needs them to be. As a private investigator, they will be able to assist clients from all walks of life which can include cops, attorneys, private clients, and even big time corporations requiring solutions for their problems.

As a private investigator, many legal and ethical boundaries will be questioned. Though some may work for small businesses as private investigators, often times their work will require them to act within the confines of the laws of the government. They are always faced with ethical dilemmas pertaining to the collection of data that can be submitted as admissible evidence by the court.

Private investigators must have cast iron stomachs because their work hours are extremely irregular. Sometimes, they need to work during the odd hours of the night while trying to obtain information they need to complete an assignment. Though most private investigators like to work and manage their time alone, a group of private investigators can open a business office where their specialties will be put to good use. As you may have guessed, there are a lot of jobs that a private investigator will be asked to do. Some of these jobs will require specialty in a specific area. A tech savvy person is better suited to performing criminal background checks on a person and restoring an identity that has been stolen via the internet. Those who work great with cameras can work with a camera for surveillance photography- they work by catching a person in the act of doing something wrong. A person who knows how to blend in a crowd can go undercover to find people who have been stealing from a company. Big, burly, or physically fit individuals can provide protection for people who are being threatened with physical injury or death. Highly intellectual people are best suited for finding missing persons or connecting clues and data to find an identifiable pattern.

In order to become a successful private investigator, one has to have a strong educational background in a specific area. While most schools will accept a high school diploma, graduating with a bachelor’s degree ensures better chances of landing a job with a good salary. For example, those who want to work as a corporate private investigator, a bachelor’s degree in law or business would be helpful so they know how the inside of the structure works. The more experience you have in a certain field, the better your chances of finding jobs that have a high pay rate.

The population grows fast and ages fast that is why the healthcare system depends on the medical personnel’s in providing patient care. These functions are not only being done by doctors or nurses, but also respiratory therapist, to ensure that the patient’s are receiving the best quality care. Respiratory therapists work in a hospital setting or private clinics. Respiratory therapist works with patients that suffer from cardiopulmonary or respiratory diseases and provide treatment and evaluation to them. They also give emergency care like operating mechanical ventilators or assisting with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They also verify requirements in certain treatments like the type of duration, precautions and medications. It is also a part of the respiratory therapist’s job to monitor the patient’s response to treatments in a physiological aspect like vital signs, changes in blood chemistry and changes in arterial blood gasses. Respiratory therapists work as a member of the health care team that deals with the patients care.  These respiratory therapists also have to make sure that all respiratory equipments are clean and functions well. They also educate the individuals including their families on proper management of diseases like the use of medications and exercises like deep breathing. Respiratory therapists also perform tests like electrocardiograms, stress test and lung capacity test. They provide with respiratory instruments and ask the patient to breathe into it. They will then record the levels of oxygen and determine the possible problems and treatments needed. They also analyze blood samples for blood gas analysis by checking the levels of both oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.
What are the knowledge requirements? And how does it take to be a respiratory therapist? The first step in becoming a respiratory therapist is to have a respiratory therapist’s education and have an associate or bachelor degree. There are respiratory therapist schools that offer courses for this profession. Students are taught on how to treat diseases by managing the symptoms and giving treatments. Respiratory therapist schools offer subjects like psychology in order to understand the behavior and differences of every individual. They are taught on how to operate and manage equipments. Subjects like chemistry are also included in the course to understand the composition and structure of chemicals. Students also need to know the functions of the tissues and cells and how it is interrelated with each other and with the environment. After finishing the program, a person has two choices- either he or she wants to be a certified respiratory therapist or a registered respiratory therapist. If one chooses to be a certified respiratory therapist, he or she needs to finish an accredited respiratory care program and must pass the exam. If they will continue to take advance education and pass two national board exams then they are considered as registered respiratory therapists.
Respiratory therapist salary varies on the location and setting. Specializations also play a big part in determining how much a person will earn. For an hour, respiratory therapist may earn from $25-$32 per hour. Yearly, they will earn for $50,000. The lowest earning will be $36,000 a year and the highest is $66,000.

Electrocardiograph technicians or ECG/EKG technicians are persons who operate the machine that records and measures the hearts activity. The measurements made are utilized by physicians or cardiologists in assisting them in finding out and treating a cardiac or vascular problem. The electrocardiograph technician does the procedure by first placing electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms, and legs. The electrodes will them measure the electrical impulse produce by the heart to create a printout that can be used by the physician. This test is done as a routine examination before surgeries or those who have cardiovascular problems. Electrocardiograph technicians must know how to identify emergency situations and helps the physician in responding during this situation. It is also a part of the electrocardiograph technician’s job to schedule appointments and monitor heart rate of the patients. They also check the equipments used of it need to be refilled with paper and ink. They need to check every machine if it works well and has no malfunctions. Performing assessments on patients with various conditions considering their physical needs is part of the electrocardiograph technician’s job. They also need to collaborate to other members of the health care team to provide the best quality care for the patient’s. ECG technicians should have knowledge on the different cardiac tests. They need also to have a good communication skill that is needed in dealing with different patients. ECG technicians work under the supervision of a cardiologist and can lend a hand to those ECG technicians with less experience. These technicians work in hospitals, cardiac centers or clinics. They work 40 hours a week for 5 days.
What are the preparations needed in becoming an ECG technician? Students planning to become an ECG technician should have a high school diploma. A high school education is needed because preparatory subjects like biology, English, anatomy, physiology and a lot more are being taught in high school. It is also important for a person to choose an accredited school that offers an ECG technician education. Before enrolling, a high school diploma is required. The program comprises of both theoretical and on-job trainings that is under the supervision of an experienced EKG technician for 6 months. The schools offer programs that can let a person earn an associate degree and certification. After graduating in an ECG technician school, it depends on the individual’s choice if he or she wants to have a licensure or certification exam. This can be earned by credentialing. Credentialing is available in a Cardiovascular Credentialing Agency. They will give an exam and if one passes the exam then he or she can get the license. For those with certifications, it is recommended that they need to have a continuing education to maintain it.

ECG Technician has a salary range of $23,000 to $31,000. The salary also depends on various factors.  These include the educational qualification, working experience, extent of the job and the location of the institution. ECG technicians with a certification are in demand and can earn more since they have the best quality of education and have undergone credentialing. Those with a working experience of less than a year can earn $9 to $15.

A job as a nursing assistant can be an extremely worthwhile career if you have the patience for it. The demand for working certified nursing assistants is expected to increase until 2014. You can bet that there will still be plenty of jobs left by then since the turnover for this kind of job is extremely fast. The increase in the aging population throughout the years has allowed for better healthcare jobs including certified nursing assistants.

You may find that most certified nursing assistants work under the supervision of a registered or licensed practical nurse. In the day’s gone buy, nurses were the ones who took care of every tiny detail in the hospital. This work resulted in fragmented and oftentimes incomplete care to the patients that needed attention. The rise of nursing assistants gave nurses more room to breathe and concentrate on other matters that needed attention.

Certified nursing assistants assist clients who need help in performing their activities of daily living. It is their job to bathe, feed and sometimes help the client with his toileting activities. In the hospital, the certified nursing assistant is allowed to perform vital signs on all the patients and report any changes to the registered nurses. They are also called upon to transport the patient from one hospital to another or perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a client.

There are a lot of openings for certified nursing assistants in areas other than hospitals. They can also find work in nursing homes, healthcare facilities and doctor’s clinics. A nursing assistant’s job is extremely important. They need physical as well as emotional strength and endurance in order to provide proper care to their clients. Nursing assistants provide companionship for the client as well as basic care so the job that they do is not easy. The salary for nursing assistants is above average. Entry level certified nursing assistants earn about $25,000 yearly and this includes benefits. Those who have a lot of experience years under their belt earn well above $35,000 per year.

A high school diploma or equivalent is all you need in order to apply for a nursing assistant training program. You can enroll online or go to a vocational school in order to become a nursing assistant. Many enroll at the Red Cross in order to get CNA certification, because the Red Cross is extremely well known in offering quality education programs.

During the training, you will learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, and how to use medical equipments found in the hospital. A registered nurse or someone with the equivalent healthcare status will teach you all about body mechanics so you will be able to optimize the muscles in your body in ways you probably never even thought of.  Once the training is over, you will be asked to take a two part exam on what you have learned in school. The first part is the written exam which only needs a good memory. The second part involves clinical application of everything you learned. For the second part, you must actively use your critical thinking abilities in order to succeed. Once you pass, you are finally qualified to obtain CNA certification and are ready to work for any employer.

The healthcare economy probably offers the most stable career opportunities. The dawn of technological advances has opened new doors for different career paths. One of the hottest careers on the health care market is reserved for the ultrasound technician. Becoming an ultrasound technician is very tempting for anyone who is starting out in health care or simply for anyone who wants to add a new skill to their resume. An ultrasound technicians€™s job does not carry the risk for harm like other diagnostic imaging methods, so women can work in the field without fear or worry.

An ultrasound technician, more commonly known as an ultrasonographer, works with doctors and nurse practitioners to obtain images from the inside of a clients€™s body. Using special ultrasound equipments, the sonographer takes detailed images of any organ in the body. She can see any organ in real time and capture the image like a photographer so the physician can properly diagnose or treat a client. An ultrasonographer needs to love puzzles as she looks for the missing or mismatched piece in an otherwise healthy organ. This piece can either be a blocked artery, a tumor, a rip or tear in the tissue lining, or even a small-sized stone that is lodged firmly inside an organ.

Many associate the use of sonography in obtaining graphic images of a fetus inside a womans body, but the application of sonography extends far beyond this simple diagnostic exam. Physicians these days prefer using sonograms over other diagnostic exams because of its ability to capture images in real time and the non-invasiveness of the procedure offers patients with a sense of self security.

Although the sonogram is generally used for diagnostic purposes, it can also be used to treat medical conditions. Mechanical ultrasound therapy is used for patients with chronic or intense pain to decrease the amount of injury or swelling in an area. Thermal ultrasound therapy has been known to treat injuries of the soft tissues, decreasing the pain and even shortening the healing time for the patient. High intensity focused ultrasound is used by concentrating a pulse that destroys specific dead tissue cells in the body such as uterine fibroids without affecting other organs. Lithotripsy is used to break down kidney and gallbladder stones so it can be excreted out of the body safely. These specialty areas in sonography offer better job security and higher salaries than your average ultrasonographer. Of course, in order to specialize in sonography, one has to invest in more training and education. There are online courses available on the internet, but one has to make sure that these courses are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs so she can qualify for voluntary certification.

Choosing the right career requires scrutiny and thorough research. It’s not good to end up in a career which you don’t possess the enthusiasm to finish it. One should study in a field where he loves and enjoy the job. If you have the passion to pursue a career in animal welfare then you love nursing and taking care of animals. One good career in this field is veterinary technician. Animals also need the love, care and attention. Veterinarians need the assistance of veterinary technicians to perform task for the welfare of the animal patient. This is not an easy feat because taking care of animals requires the proper knowledge and skills.

Hopeful veterinary technicians need to acquire the necessary skills needed for the job by enrolling in quality veterinary technician schools. They offer training programs that could last two to four years depending on the level of education that you wanted to acquire. A two year vocational course would entitle you to a Veterinary technician degree. Veterinary technician schools provide students with the knowledge in clinical and laboratory task. Others may offer internship which equipped the students with practical knowledge on the job. The basic requirement to enroll in a veterinary technician school is a high school diploma. Choosing the right school would be essential. Schools must be accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. It’s difficult to get hired if you graduated in a non accredited school.

Medical subjects such as pharmacology, surgery and dentistry are also taught in veterinary technician schools. A good background in the field of medicine could provide great advantage. After acquiring the knowledge and skills, technicians should pass a certification exam in order to be a certified veterinary technician. This would increase your chances of getting hired since most company prefers a certified worker.

This career path offers a good pay. Veterinary technician salary could reach up to $35,000 annually. Improving your skills through training could give you a better chance of earning bigger paychecks. If you have an advance skill then you have a bigger chance of getting hired in federal research facilities which offers an annual salary of up to $41,000. It all depends on your education and interest to gain more knowledge in this field.  The more skilled you are, the more money you could earn. This job presents a lot of opportunity for growth and improvement. You just need the enthusiasm to care for animals.

Enumerated below are the most common tasks that a veterinary technician performs:

Assist veterinarian’s in nursing animals
Handle records of patient case histories.
Prepare lab equipments and tools needed for patient surgery.
Assist veterinarians in performing surgery.
Collecting specimens for laboratory analysis
Develop and expose x-rays.
Supervise and train other veterinary personnel’s
Educate pet owners with basic knowledge on how to care for animals.
In research facilities, technicians assist in the care and handling or research animals.
Assist and provide inputs for research projects.
Assist in analyzing collected specimen.